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Sample the Affluence Intelligence Quotient Test

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Financial Effectiveness

    Points Answers  
    1 I disagree very much  
    3 I disagree moderately  
    5 I disagree slightly  
    6 I agree slightly  
    8 I agree moderately  
    10 I agree very much  
I have a budget that I follow.  
I live within my means.  
I have a backup emergency fund for myself and my family.  
I look at my bank statements and balance my checkbook every month.  
I read and understand my credit card statements.  
I am saving for retirement.  
I have a plan for the saving, spending, and sharing of my money.  
I understand the basics of the American marketplace: stocks, bonds, private equity investments, mutual funds, and so on.  
I always know how much money I have.  
I have enough money for my needs and wants.  
    Total Financial Competency  
I make money decisions by careful analysis rather than by impulse.  
My financial status does not cause me shame or embarassment or guilt.  
How much money I have does not determine my self-esteem.  
I am free and comfortable to what I want with my money.  
My sense of personal power is not affected by the amount of money I have.  
I have the right to make financial decisions in my own home.  
I am comfortable having conversations about money matters in my close relationships.  
Money is not the primary motivator of my most important life decisions.  
I feel comfortable with myself even when I'm with people who have much more money than I do.  
When I'm with a person who has nicer things than I do (jewelry, home, car) I don't feel inferior or overly envious.  
    Total Financial Ease  
    Your Financial Effectiveness Score      
    Financial Competency  
    Financial Ease  
    Your Score:  


The Financial Effectiveness component is one of four parts of your AIQ. A score on any one of the sections does not indicate one's Affluence Intelligence, which is a combination of all four parts of the test. Highest possible score on this section is 20. The higher your score on this section, the greater your strengths in Financial Competency and Financial Ease. Learn more by reading the chapter on Financial Effectiveness.

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