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Joan DiFuria and Dr. Stephen Goldbart

Meet the Authors of Affluence Intelligence

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The work of both Joan DiFuria and Dr. Stephen Goldbart has been featured in numerous media including newspapers such as: Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and Financial Times; magazines such as: Newsweek, Money Magazine, Wired, and Town and Country; television shows, MSNBC Morning Show, NBC with Tom Brokaw, CBS Morning Show; and radio including NPR, BBC, KQED, and KABC.

Both appear publicly before audiences including national radio and television, philanthropic organizations and professional associations. Topics have included issues such as: having successful multigenerational family meetings, the emotional issues of wealth and inheritance, raising children in affluent families, effective philanthropy from the inside out and strategic life planning.


Joan DiFuria

Joan DiFuria, Co-Founder of MMCI, is a nationally recognized speaker, consultant and conflict resolution specialist. She brings a unique expertise in business and psychology to her work which focuses on the complex issues that face affluent couples, families, family businesses, including family mission statements, governance, succession planning and legacy. She trains and consults in the financial services industry ranging from independent advisors, advisory firms to the key large institutional firms.

Ms. DiFuria has over eighteen years of industry experience as former director of strategic operations and national marketing director for the largest multinational metals distribution corporation in the world. After 18 years in that business, she went on to complete the Harvard Business School Program for Management Development. She then followed her fascination in interpersonal relations by completing her studies to become a licensed psychotherapist, practicing for the next 18 years in tandem with her business consulting work.

Joan worked at a senior level within her own family’s business, thus she is passionate about working with families to reach their goals, develop lasting skills in working collaboratively, implementing new behaviors, and gaining clarity on issues of key importance. She has written numerous published articles and book chapters about the family dynamics of wealth and the psychology of wealth Ultimately, Ms. DiFuria's goal is for her clients to attain successful and lasting impact on their lives, their families and their businesses.


Stephen Goldbart

With over 30 years of professional experience, Stephen Goldbart is a licensed clinical psychologist, professor, author, public speaker, and organizational consultant. His personal interests include the psychology of life transitions and the deeper meaning of holding wealth–how that can enrich your own life as well as the lives of others. Stephen enjoys helping people uncover and mobilize the key ingredients necessary for a satisfying and effective life plan.

Dr. Goldbart also has a passion for working with complex family/organizational systems, helping to clarify purpose, make or re-make structure, and find solution pathways. He has consulted with individuals, families, and organizations to help develop the fulfilling and sustainable balance of personal, professional, and philanthropic goals.

As a senior level consulting psychologist, Dr. Goldbart has been teaching seminars and workshops for over twenty five years for both practicing therapists and clients. He co-authored Mapping the Terrain of the Heart:  Passion, Tenderness and the Capacity to Love, and has also written numerous articles and book chapters about wealth and its significance in our lives.