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cover of Affluence Intelligence

Affluence Intelligence
Earn More, Worry Less, and
Live a Happy and Balanced Life

by Stephen Goldbart and Joan DiFuria

US $25.00 / CAN $29.00

ISBN: 9780738214245

Published by Da Capo Press

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"By addressing both the psychology and practice of money management, Affluence Intelligence will help you assess your current level of prosperity and create a plan for acquiring the kind of financial and emotional wealth you desire."

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Savannah Morning News
Then you'll want to look for Affluence Intelligence by Stephen Goldbart, PhD, and Joan Indursky Difuria, MFT. You've no doubt heard about an emotional IQ ...

Would Winning the Mega Millions Make You Unhappy or Broke?
... the psychotherapist Joan Indursky DiFuria and the psychologist Stephen Goldbart call “sudden-wealth syndrome,” or as others have termed it, “affluenza."

A Fork in the Road

"All of us have the psychological attitudes and behaviors and capacity to set goals and attain them," says Stephen Goldbart, clinical psychologist and ...

A Wealth of Time | Psychology Today
By Stephen Goldbart , Ph.D.
Psychology Today Blogs
Taking charge of your pocket-sized electronic lover by Stephen Goldbart , Ph.D.... ... Published on July 31, 2012 by Stephen Goldbart , Ph.D. in Affluence Intelligence. As I was sitting in an outdoor cafe seaside in the town of Orebic, Croatia, ...

No fair! Weak economy leads to adult sibling rivalry
... families,” said Stephen Goldbart, co-founder of the Money, Meaning and Choices Institute, which advises very wealthy clients on family financial issues.

Why you keep playing the lottery
"Jumping on the bandwagon is an age-old motivator of psychological behavior," wrote Goldbart and his colleague, Joan DiFuria . . .

February 15 , 2012

Q&A with Affluence Intelligence authors Stephen Goldbart and Joan DiFuria on Quizzle

February 8 , 2012

Affluence Intelligence authors Stephen Goldbart and Joan DiFuria gave the keynote speech at the Financial Planning Association Conference in Portland, Oregon on February 8, 2012.

December 27, 2011

Affluence Intelligence author Joan DiFuria discusses Sudden Wealth Syndrome with host Brent Bambury on the Day 6 Show, CBC/Radio-Canada.

Listen on CBC

December 27, 2011

Affluence Intelligence author Joan DiFuria discusses how your thoughts really do impact your life on The Organic View Radio Show with host June Stoyer—click to play:

November 30, 2011
Knews Radio, Pasadena, CA

"KNews Radio's Charlie Dyer sits a spell with fascinating guests who share great insight and observation on a variety of topics that span arts and culture, business and workplace, science and technology, family and relationships, energy and environment, finance and consumer affairs, health & food, and so much more. Conversations with Charlie Dyer is a 20-minute interview with a variety of people from all walks of life."

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"In times like these, it's tempting to think that just having more money would solve your problems. But, Dr. Stephen Goldbart says the surprising truth is that affluence is actually based on a certain way of thinking. He talks with Charlie Dyer in Conversations about the new book, Affluence Intelligence."

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November 28 , 2011 — Stephen Goldbart in USA Today

"Some experts say a key reason that recent graduates are turning to longer volunteer opportunities could be the competitive job market and economic climate.

"'The people who are seeking these volunteerism opportunities may not be able to find employment elsewhere,'" says clinical psychologist Stephen Goldbart, one of the directors of the Money, Meaning and Choices Institute.

"'Every one of us needs someplace to feel productive, to have a sense of identity and to have a place in the adult world. It's not only altruism, it's anxiety about the future.'"

USA Today, "College students and graduates volunteering for longer terms"


November 17 , 2011 — Stephen Goldbart in USA Today

Affluence Intelligence authors Stephen Goldbart and Joan DiFuria interviewed by Mike Carruthers on Something You Should Know


November 5, 2011 — KGO Radio

"Joanie Greggains Show: Health and Fitness" on KGO Radio, San Francisco, California, on Affluence Intelligence 9-10 am PT.


October 20, 2011 — Scottsdale, Arizona

Stephen and Joan will be giving a speech at the Settlement Planners Business Conference, October 20, 2011 in Scottsdale Arizona on Sudden Wealth and Trauma: Best Practices and Strategies.


Praise & Reviews for Affluence Intelligence

"In this book you’ll find helpful information and tips about the behaviors and attitudes that, for most of us, will have to be adjusted before we can exit the freeway that leads us in circles and enjoy the scenery as we get closer to a joyful life of abundance.

"More than just a feel-good pep talk, Affluence Intelligence addresses the twisted relationship many of us have with our finances. ' …[P]eople who are financially effective are both competent and secure in their relationship with money,' the authors tell us, and they provide a quiz and a series of simple steps to help us meet the psychological challenges we often face in this area.

"By breaking the concept into small chunks, Goldbart and Difuria have turned what sometimes seems an insurmountable obstacle into an enjoyable adventure. Affluence Intelligence helps readers get a grip on the worry and anxiety and transform fear into power. The program outlined here is concrete and perhaps revolutionary, with the potential to redirect an ages-old but dead-end paradigm into a satisfying and productive road trip to a worthy and fulfilling destination."

Deborah Adams, Curled Up with a Good Book


"Cofounders of the Money, Meaning, & Choices Institute, Stephen Goldbart and Joan Indursky DiFuria want to share some lessons in Affluence Intelligence: Earn More, Worry Less, and Live a Happy and Balanced Life. Goldbart and DiFuria first want their readers to know that acquiring a lot of money does not provide happiness nor does it solve problems.

"The authors cite the 'law of diminishing returns' and also provide seven elements and directions for readers to embark on the Affluence Intelligence Program and combine the strength of one’s head, heart, and spirit to unlock what may prevent us from reaching our potential.

"By focusing on priorities, behaviors, attitudes, and financial effectiveness, Goldbart and DiFuria provide direction and tools to guide readers into strengthening their AIQ (Affluence Intelligence Quotient).

"The authors provide examples from their clients while setting the stages to help a reader evaluate their own AIQ. Within the twelve-chapter book, there are three tests that establish directives to set a three-month AIQ program in motion.

"Because the writing and the examples are approachable, especially during the current economic climate, Affluence Intelligence is a thorough tool that can help bring balance, focus, and perhaps happiness, instead of financial worries."

Elizabeth Humphrey, City Book Review


"In the world of personal finance books, there are basically two types. The first type outlines exactly what you should do, explains why, and includes worksheets to help you get your financial life in order. The second type is a little “softer” and it discusses the mental and psychological aspects of you, your relationship with money, and helps to get your mind right when it comes to money. I think both are important. It’s not much different than the difference between going to a mechanic to get your engine tuned up and going to a defensive driving instructor so you are a safer driver.

Affluence Intelligence by Stephen Golbart, PHD, and Joan Indursky Difuria, MFT is that second type of book written with the approach of the first. It’s designed to help reshape your mind when it comes to money but it does it in a step by step manner that is easy to follow. The book may sound like it’s tackling a “soft” subject but it does it in a very structured and analytic way, which I find is rare in books in that second category.

What is affluence intelligence? The authors begin by defining what they call affluence, which is different than wealth. Affluence is about finding balance and happiness in your life, which doesn’t necessarily come with a lot of money. As I wrote about once in how someone could be unhappy with $1,000,000 and Notorious BIG immortalized in music, more money doesn’t necessarily mean a happier life. Affluence is more than that. Affluence is about finding happiness in your life (there are seven key areas) and making it so that you can achieve that level of happiness by way of improving and outlining four key areas – priorities, behaviors, attitudes, and financial effectiveness.

The book is full of anecdotes about their clients and the majority of them involve folks who are doing well financially but doing poorly in their life. They’re making money, more money than the average family, but they’re stressed because they’re either living beyond their means or unfulfilled at work or simply stressed about their job. It’s stunning how common their stories seem once you read them over and over again. I can see how a program like this could be extremely helpful in getting them back on the track."

Jim Wang, Bargaineering